Saturday, December 5, 2009

Teething Necklace Giveaway [Closed]

What: Super Mama Teething Necklace
Where: Sugar Pop Ribbons
When: Ends December 5, 2009
Why: Ok, all I can do is copy/paste some of the information from the website and the review. I am loving this!!

*I am adding this to my must-have-for-baby's list!

"European babies have worn necklaces of pure Baltic amber, prized for their beauty and soothing qualities. Worn against the skin, the Baltic amber of the Teething Necklace releases natural oils with proven analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects that soothe teething pain and reduce drooling. Each pure, natural Baltic amber bead of your Teething Necklace is individually knotted for safety and durability, creating a cherished gift of lasting beauty and pain relief for any baby you love.

*Naturally prevents and soothes teething pain
*Analgesic & anti-inflammatory effects
*100% Natural Baltic Amber
*Releases natural oils with proven calming, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects when worn against the skin
*Singularly knotted beads and safe screw clasp for baby safety
*Not intended for chewing or biting
*Sold in European pharmacies for generations

As a mother, I know that many of you out there are probably thinking, "Ok, it's great that Baltic amber teething necklace has been around for decades in Europe, but is it really safe for my baby?"

The SuperMama Pain Relief Teething Necklace is CPSIA compliant and has been tested in third party lab to make sure that it is a safe item.

1) The clasp is made of plastic and the screw will break away with pressure.

2.) Each pure, natural Baltic amber bead on SuperMama Teething Necklace is individually knotted for safety and durability, so that if the necklace tears, only one bead will come off.

3.) The size of the beads are especially chosen so that if the baby ingests a bead, he/she will simply pass it through harmlessly.

The reason why I think this is such a great product is because most other teething pain treatments involve applying gels, taking tablets or chewing biscuits, but the SuperMama Pain Relief Teething Necklace offers a natural to help your baby with his/her discomfort. I also love how nice the necklace looks.

A chic accessory for your baby and it helps with teething pain too! It's like having your cake and eating it too."

Check it out!!! Seriously. :)

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