Saturday, December 5, 2009

Popping Up Some Flavor

So, Oscar and I haven't had a microwave since we've got married. This is a blessing in many ways. But, one thing I've missed is popcorn.

I've wanted to buy an air popper, but it hasn't happened. However, I have determined to buy one off ebay this month with my ehow money and I am excited about this new endeavor.

Honestly, the air popped popcorn my mom made never tasted very good to me. So, I looked up ways to flavor it and got all excited. So, all the info, I'm listing is found at Popcorn Recipes

These are some of my favorite ideas

1) Flavored Cooking Spray (butter, olive oil, garlic)

2) Add Cinammon (using cooking spray to make it stick or olive oil) - also sugar and salt.

Image: Flickr: "79/365 of 2009: Popcorn Night" by faithdesired

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