Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crane Humidifier Giveaway [closed]

What: Crane Humidifier
Where: The Shopping Mama
When: Ends Nov. 4, 2009
Why: I love this cute humidifier. The giveaway offers the cow, pig, dragon, panda or penguin as a prize. I want the raccoon, lol. But, I guess I can buy it for $39.99 on the website. If i win, I will ask for the raccoon, if they say no, I'll probably get the pig for one of my friends who ADORES pigs and will most likely eventually be an expecting a little cutie.

*I'm putting this on my must-haves for baby list because I consider it important to have a humidifier and I will def. check out this cute brand to see if its as high quality and effective as the reviewer said it was. In fact, I'm writing it in my baby planner too. :)

Chances of Winning: 1 in 37

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