Sunday, January 17, 2010

Breast Pump Giveaway [closed]

What: Hygeia Breast Pump
Where: Familylicious
When: Ends February 14, 2010
Why: From Review

"Women have been breastfeeding since the beginning of time. Its how we have survived so I should be able to also, right? Well Yes and No. After having my beautiful baby girl I immediately tried to breastfeed her and to my astonishment even though she and I were both willing. Apparently my milk supply was not. I needed a pump. So I had already had purchased a little manual pump and thought okay we will take care of this right away. And again, no milk besides having horrible hand cramps from vigorously pumping with that little machine nothing happened. It was then that I was ready to cry. One of my nurses told me I had to give my daughter formula. I was in tears. For me and my baby formula is not what I wanted. I needed help. And my husband saw that he went out and got me a breast pump. A real breast pump and my milk came in. Now with my son I refused to repeat my previous mistakes. I had my pump ready and waiting and with its help my milk came in right away. And I have been able to stash away milk in out freezer for a rainy day. And now I have more than enough milk for my little one. I am starting a supply to start donating to a milk bank. If there is no other message I can give to any new mom who wants to breastfeed it is get a good pump. Even if you are not planning on going back to work, it is so important to have a good pump especially in the beginning. Hygeia makes such a pump."

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