Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oompa Pyramid Tower Giveaway [closd]

What: Wooden Pyramid Tower from Bajo
Where: Because I said So!!!
When: Ends December 21, 2009
Why: I love Oompa!!! I didn't know they did giveaways and am excited to find out they do. I love their website and I love their quality of items.

"Because I said So," the blog the giveaway is posted on seems to be less professional than a lot of the websites I use. Because the giveaways are classic though and are similar companies to those of others, I believe it is legitimate. Hopefully, I am not duped, but I think it is just a Mommy who didn't organize her blog as well as others. It seems as if she belongs to the Blog Network where these giveaways come from.

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