Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Good Old Days

I know we can ponder time until we are blue in the face and still not understand it. I like pondering time though. I like knowing that I don't understand and that God does. There is a reason why time is racing by one day, yet another moment it goes by so slowly. It makes me warm to know that my Dad was my age once and my grandpa was my age once too. If God wills it, I will one day be his age too.

This picture, taken late 1920's, early 1930's is a treasure I found on Flickr. It is called Grandpa's Friends and posted by username FreeParking.

I love looking at the hairstyles, the genuine looking smiles, the background. Where were they? What were they laughing about? How, I wish I could look as carefree and natural, laughing on the beach with my friends. I wonder if childhood lasted a little longer back then or if you were expected to be an adult even sooner, or maybe there was a combination of the two.

Whenever I see little kids, I like to sing. It makes me sad when a 3 year old thinks he/she is too old for singing little kid songs. I am not too old at 22. Why do we want to grow up so fast anyhow? And why do we act so old when we are so young? I love life and I think this picture shows an innocence. I adore it.

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