Sunday, November 1, 2009

Reuseable Water Bottle [Closed]

What: Reduce Products - Set of WaterWeek Bottles
Where: Simply Being Mommy
When: Ends Nov. 4, 2009
Why: Oh man, I love the baby giveaways because it is things I will need and save me a lot of money, but re-usable water bottles, I love it, LOVE IT!!

Ever since I heard about the water bottles being links to cancer, I hate using them. Oscar and I used SOBE bottles for a while, but their was something wrong with the lids that made them leak a bit. Plus they were really heavy.

These are really cute, come with a fridge organizer, are sized to fit like a water bottles, so can fit in your water bottle slot for bike, etc.

*****WISH LIST******* They are officially going on my Wish List. What this means, is even if I don't win, I MAY buy them in a future if I can find a good deal And I MAY purchase them for my Mom at full price.

Price: $19.99 for 5 reuseable bottles and a tray. I love this color, but if I bought it for my mom, I would probably get her the natural set.

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