Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ratings Giveaway Sites

So, I feel a bit horrible doing this because I am grateful to all these websites for holding giveaways, but I feel the need to rate them for my own purposes. For example: If I only have time to enter two giveaways, which ones will I enter? Also, if the owner of the websites run across these perhaps, it will be helpful to them.

Blog: The Shopping Mama
Quality of Prizes:
Excellent! Mainly baby related (which I like). She has giveaways for more expensive items and also less expensive items.
Competition: Good odds, depending on how expensive or "big ticket" the item is.
Average # of Entries: up to 15 entries (10 for blogging!!)
Organization: She has a separate winner's page and updates on time - BIG PLUS. She has a
Updates on Time:

Update: Shopping Mama has not been updating on time, this last week.

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