Saturday, October 31, 2009

Organizing Blogs

So, I have another blog, where I often type personal stuff. It's called Life of the Sanchez 5, it's pretty private and I like that. It's also pretty boring. And than I have another blog from high school, haha, which is extremely private, that is xanga (no link there provided on purpose). :)

Then, another blog where I write all my stuff I am learning in the Bible. I tried to make a blog where I posted about eHow, but it kind of died.

Oh, blogs, I am def. a fan of you.

So, pretty much, I got interested in blogger through my friend Cheski. She is a member of the church of latter day saints. So are most of her friends. It seems to me that blogging is pretty big in this community.

So, what do I do??? I blog stalk. I read about some of her friends' lives, even though I don't know them. Creepy, right? But, they are ENTERTAINING!! Once in a while I want to comment, but I don't. Or I comment anonymously, because how embarrassing that I am stalking them, right?

Ok, I'm going somewhere. I noticed that some people do giveaway's on their blogs. And sometimes I really want to enter, but I get shy. Then, I was thinking, you know I could make a blog where I just find different blog giveaways and post about them. Then I could enter without fear.

So, here we go. Jumping on trampolines is one of my favorite things to in the world. Hence the title.

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  1. I love it! You are awesome & I HAVE to go find your other blog now!!
    You should always always comment!